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Umbrage Editions' projects explore the broadest definitions of packaging and content dissemination. While each title may begin with a book, ancillary components can include websites, CD-ROMS, films, education packets, and any number of other formats in a variety of media, in addition to traditional print and exhibition components.

2-4-6-8: American Cheerleaders and Football Players

Anthony Fry

Born Intro Brothels



Children of Ceausescu


Divided Portraits


Flesh and Spirit

FROM THE PAIN COME THE DREAM: Recipients of the Reebok Human Rights Award


Ghosts in the Landscape

Good Girls

Havana: The Revolutionary Moment

In the Most Beautiful Life

Inconvenient Stories


Living Mirrors: A Coral Reef Adventure

Orpheus Descending

Pandemic: Facing AIDS

Raising the Bar: New Horizons in Disability Sports

Remains of a Rainbow

RFK Funeral Train


Speak Truth to Power

Still Life


Tales of Water

The Innocents

The Last Paradise: North Korea

The Tibetans: A Struggle to Survive (Hardcover and Paperback)

Wild Babies

Wild Love