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Pandemic: Facing AIDS
In conjunction with PANDEMIC: IMAGING AIDS, an international exhibition featuring work by over 100 photographers and artists.

Photographs by 100 award-winning international photographers and artists representing over fifty countries.

Keynote essays by Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, South African Nobel-prize winning novelist Nadine Gordimer, director and filmmaker Rory Kennedy, editor and curator Nan Richardson, and international economist Jeffrey Sachs.

HIV/AIDS is the worst infectious disease catastrophe
since the bubonic plague.
The AIDS crisis is not over, but could become manageable:
with pressure, and help, and purpose.

In our world today, there are forty million people living with HIV or AIDS- forty million different stories of hardship, pain and anger, but also of hope. Men and women, young and old, their tragedy is our tragedy, and so are their stories. This book presents images from around the world that bring us face-to-face with the epidemic. These images are a response to the
conditions and realities of HIV infection. The photographs contained within have been used to document and to educate, to agitate and to protest, to capture lives that are too soon lost, and to mourn the deaths of friends, families, and strangers alike. Most importantly, this compilation of work from all corners of the world is a call to action. a project targeted to launch at the 2002 International AIDS Conference in Barcelona. The book and exhibition will provide a moving, emotional, visually arresting, photographic survey of responses to the AIDS pandemic in all parts of the world. The book will be accompanied by a traveling exhibition.

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