Animal Planet CD-ROM
(The Discovery Channel/Umbrage, 1996)

A Multimedia Guide to the Animal Kingdom

Written, edited and designed by Umbrage, packaged for the Discovery Channel and targeted for ages 9 & up, this million-word, 1400-image rich Cd-ROM`s critical and commercial success led to the naming of the Discovery Channel’s popular “Animal Planet” cable channel.

About Animal Planet:

Far more than a multimedia encyclopedia about animals, this extraordinary CD-ROM immerses you in the lush sights and sounds of incredible “live” 3-D vistas, from the mountaintops to the ocean depths to the snow-covered polar regions. A seamless, 360-degree panoramic view of 8 ecosystems beckons you to enter as you soar above this majestic landscape.

While you’re exploring, learn unusual facts about your favorite animals—and discover some other animals you’ve never heard of! Tumble down a hidden cave and find yourself on 20 different tours on animal behavior. With every click of your mouse, your adventure changes. And wherever you go, you’ll feel as if you’re really there, exploring, learning, having fun!