RFK Funeral Train

By Paul Fusco
Tribute by Senator Edward M. Kennedy
Essays by Norman Mailer and Evan Thomas

These emotional photographs, many never seen before, recall the tragedy and trauma of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, and the tribute paid by hundreds of thousands of people who stood patiently in the searing heat to watch his funeral train travel slowly from New York to Washington D.C. Paul Fusco photographed the gathered crowds from the passing train. The result, brought to light over thirty-years later, is a snapshot of America in a crucial moment of transition. In RFK Funeral Train, that moment is relived in all its sorrow and intensity. Essays by Norman Mailer, as well as a retelling of that day, June 8, 1968, by prizewinning Newsweek editor Evan Thomas, join the tribute delivered by Senator Edward M. Kennedy at the funeral, to capture how this man and his vision of America touched us with idealism and humanity. This is uniquely profound record of the spontaneous, genuine response of the American public to Robert Kennedy's raw empathy, his determination to make our lives better, and his insistence that the government is answerable to all, black and white, rich and poor-and of the genuine grief and shock at his untimely and tragic death.

"Surely we can learn to look around us as fellow men. And surely we can begin to work a little harder to bind up the wounds among us and to become in our own hearts brothers and countrymen once again." --Robert F. Kennedy

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About the Author:

Paul Fusco, then a staff photographer for Look magazine, accompanied Robert F. Kennedy's funeral train from New York to Washington D.C in June 1968. A member of Magnum photos since 1973, Fusco's work deals with social issues worldwide, including essays on the reform of migrant labor practices, cola miners in Appalachia, people living with AIDS, residents in the Mexican state of Chiapas, and an ongoing project on children suffering from radiation from Chernobyl.

7 x 11 horizontal 140 pages
60 four-color images
ISBN hardcover: 1-884167-04-7
ISBN softcover: 1-884167-05-5
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An Umbrage Editions book published in association with Magnum Photos