Anthony Fry

Paintings by Anthony Fry
Essays by John Berger, Tom Stoppard, Frances Partridge, Andrew Lambirth, Bryan Robertson, and an interview with Cathy Courtney

"One of the most individual achievements of British painting...Almost alone among the English painters of his generation, Fry reasserts the prestige of the dreamer."
- John Russell

In this, Anthony Fry's first book, we are presented with the work of one of England's most important colorists. English painter of note amd descendant of the Bloomsbury critic Roger Fry, Anthony Fry represents the work of several decades, from travels in Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Spain, India and beyond. This groundbreaking monograph includes nearly 180 reproductions in full color of paintings and works on paper from nearly every period, including photographs of the artist in his studio near Bath, England, or Fort Cochin, Kerala, southern India. The major sources of inspiration of Fry's work, notably the dreamlike landscapes of the equatorial zones, the nude in all its permutations, and the shuttered spaces of meditative interiors, all show Fry's dexterity with form and signature mastery of color: incandescent, powerful, full of life.

The book includes essays by a number of notable writers, including playwright Tom Stoppard, novelist John Berger, memorist, translator, and last surviving member of Bloomsbury, Frances Partridge, as well as lengthier texts by critics Bryan Robertson and Andrew Lambirth and an interview with Fry by Cathy Courtney done for the British Library. Together they provide a much-need and long-overdue comprehensive evaluation and discussion of Fry's work. A chronology of the artist's life is also included.

About the Authors:

John Berger is internationally known art critic and novelist. He is the author of over forty books including Art and Revolution, Another Way of Telling, A Fortunate Man, Ways of Seeing, Keeping a Rendezvous, and Isabelle: A Short Story.

Tom Stoppard, playwright, novelist and screen writer is the author of Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead and 22 books, 40 plays and 11 screen plays. His works explore the intersections of love, science, history and art, often with subtle political undercurrents. Stoppard's best known plays include Arcadia and Indian Ink, and screenplays for Empire of the Sun and the Oscar-winning Shakespeare in Love.

Francis Partridge is, at 100, the oldest surviving member of the original Bloomsbury group and still living with gusto, humor and a signature gift of observation. Childhood family friends included Henry James and Conan Doyle, and after an education at Cambridge, she met and married Ralph Partridge and lived with him, as well as Dora Carrington, and Lytton Strachey and befriended Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf and others in that circle. She is the author of five books, including Hanging On ( a memoir), as well as numerous translations from the French and Spanish.

Andrew Lambirth is a noted writer, critic and curator. He currently writes for the Spectator, London Magazine, and Contemporary Visual Art. He is also contributing editor of the Royal Academy Magazine. Among his books are studies of W. H. Yeats and Shakespeare (both 1999) and he is currently writing a monograph on Ken Riff.

Bryan Robertson is a celebrated art critic, author of Private View and other works and a former Director of the Whitechapel, Gallery, London.

Cathy Courtney is a writer, critic, and oral historian and project officer for the National Life Story Collection's "Artist's Lives" Series, an organization based at the British Library.