Pandemic: Facing AIDS
In conjunction with PANDEMIC: IMAGING AIDS, an international exhibition featuring work by over 100 photographers and artists.



Every 10 seconds somebody in the world dies from AIDS.

Over 24 million people have already died from AIDS. Over 40 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS.

The AIDS crisis is not over, but could become manageable: with pressure, and help, and purpose.
Pandemic: Imaging AIDS

In our world today, there are forty million people living with HIV/AIDS9forty million different stories of hardship, pain, and anger9but also of hope,courage, and resilience. These stirring and groundbreaking images from around the world bring us face-to-face with the epidemic. They have been used to document and to educate, to agitate and protest, to salute friends lost and mourn the deaths of family and strangers alike.

Pandemic: Imaging AIDS is a traveling exhibition of original cibachrome and silver gelatin photographs in varied formats by over 100 award-winning photographers and artists representing fifty countries. The collection, which tours internationally through 2005 beginning in Barcelona, Spain, presents twenty years of the photographic response to the epidemic. The exhibit captures the range of feeling the AIDS epidemic has engendered, and the changing reality for people living with AIDS, from the photographic community¹s controversial efforts to document the first AIDS patients to its emerging need to protest and memorialize. The legacy of this work, gathered from all corners of the world, is a call to action and a challenge to each of us: toward a world without AIDS.

Total 227 items to occupy 350 linear feet:

€ 108 works ranging from 11² x 14² to 13¹ x 10¹; most color and gelatin-silver photographs framed in black wood with 4-ply archival mat board under UV plexi € One 16¹ x 3¹ inside/outside banner € Two 30² x 40² title and acknowledgment panels € One 16² x 20² introduction panel € Five 20 x 24² panels with stories and images from the film € 108 individual item labels with artists¹ statements € Two iBooks with a cached version of the website, music from the CD:
Pandemic: Music for a World without AIDS, and two artists¹ CD-ROMs

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Launa Beuhler, Exhibitions Director
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Curated by Umbrage Editions, New York

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