Too Much Time

This groundbreaking study comprised of riveting photographs and excerpts from interviews tells the story of the changing population of women prisoners. For ten years, through nine countries around the world, award-winning photojournalist Jane Evelyn Atwood has asked hard questions of hard women, photographing and tape-recording intimate encounters with prisoners incarcerated for a litany of offenses, from theft and drugs to murder and infanticide. Atwood addresses a variety of difficult topics: Are women and men punished equally for crimes? Why are women prisoners overwhelmingly poor, often mentally handicapped? How will society pay for these policies a generation later—and who really is being punished? Too Much Time tells us much about the roots of crime: poverty, abuse, and illiteracy. Filled with truth, humanity, stark reality, and pain, the exhibition is a clarion call for change. Too Much Time launched to great acclaim at the Parc de la Villette in Paris and will travel to museums and public spaces in the United States in 2002–2004. Too Much Time will feature Atwood’s remarkable photographs, as well as interviews, prisoner’s drawings, memoirs, and institutional records collected by the photographer over a ten-year period. The photographer is available for panels and lectures.


• 100 prints to occupy approx. 290 linear feet
• Five 6 x 4 silver gelatin prints mounted on plastified linen
• Fifty 20 x 24” silver gelatin prints: matted in black frames with 4-ply archival board, under UV plexi
• Two 30 x 40 text panels and 100 wall labels for each print
• Scrapbook (memoirs by prisoners and original documents)
• Publication: Too Much Time: Women in Prison
• Rental Fee: $7,000
(a smaller show is available upon request)