Sally Gall is a noted photographer who has always sought the inexplicable in nature, finding beauty in the terrestrial—a beauty defined and enhanced by it’s opposite: the unsettling, the precipitous, the fearful. In Subterranea Gall unearths a remarkable photographic collection of the underworld taken during a four-year period in Mexico, Belize, Southeast Asia, the U.S., and Europe. Gall explores a spiritual realm enhanced by the history of early human passage, myth and spiritual transcendence.

In Subterranea, the objective universe is gone, and only the subjective remains. Eternal time is frozen in a fantastic and otherworldly architecture: crumbling walls, stalactites, and stalagmites coated with icy limestone and calcite formations gloaming in the darkness, bleached white as chalk. With each image, Sally Gall draws us deeper into a world forgotten. Somber and mortuary thought seems natural and right in these great spaces - thoughts of Aeneas and Charon the boatman at the mouth of Hades and the shades waiting to be rowed across to the eternal beyond - a recognition that we all come at last to darkness and silence.

2004-2006 domestic and international tour.

Total 22 items to occupy 150 linear feet:

- 20 gelatin-silver prints of various sizes, 28 x 28" to 48 x 48"
- Framed in bak wood with 4-ply archival board under UV plexi
- Two introductory panels at 16 x 20"
- Photogrpher is available for panels and lectures

- Rental Fee: $4,000
- 6-8 week booking slots
- A special limited-edition print, printed and signed by the potographer, is available upon request