Photographs by Leonard Nimoy

Shekhina presents the first-ever monograph of Leonard Nimoy, photographer. In the Hebrew, "Shekhina" literally means "dwelling place," and according to the Kabbala, evil came into the world once God separated from his feminine counterpart, Shekhina. The Shekhina came to be understood as a crucial element of both the divine and the human spirit, symbolizing the creativity and wisdom without which no being is complete. Renowned actor Leonard Nimoy has turned to photography as a means of inquiry into the mysteries of the Shekhina. This exhaustive and eerily beautiful photographic study of the female form reveals Nimoy`s intrigue with Old Testament mythology. In his introductory text, Nimoy explains the influence of Shekhina on the work: "Ubiquitous, watchful, and often in motion: she is the photographic image of the invisible." Nimoy`s photographic work has been shown in museum and galleries internationally.


Total 40 items to occupy 100 linear feet 30 16 x 20" gelatin-silver and two 30 x 40" gelatin - silver images framed in brushed metal with 4-ply archival board under UV plexi

32 labels

Six 11 x 14" text panels o Two 16 x 20" introductory panels (one with critical text by Donald Kuspit)

Photographer is available for panels and lectures

Rental Fee: $4500