Remains of a Rainbow
Photographs by David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton An Umbrage Editions Traveling Exhibition In Association with Environmental Defense

Often called "the endangered species capital of the world," Hawaii`s varied ecological communities contain over a quarter of the plants and animals on the U.S. Endangered Species List. For the past fifteen years, David Liittschwager and Susan Middleton’s intimate portraits of endangered species have invited viewers to look at those creatures close-up, appreciate the elegance of their features, and discover kinship in unexpected faces.

Whether a tiny Happy Face Spider or a Hawaiian Hawk, a photograph by Middleton and Liittschwager gives us an intimate glimpse of a species that we often only know as a statistic. Their work has been praised by Edward O. Wilson, featured in the display windows of Tiffany’s, and profiled in a best-selling National Geographic video. Liittschwager and Middleton’s artistry and dedication to working in concert with the scientists who know their subjects best have gained them unparalleled access to Hawaii`s rarest species. Working with biologists from Environmental Defense, the National Tropical Botanical Garden, The Nature Conservancy and elsewhere, Middleton and Liittschwager reveal the often-heroic efforts by scientists and civilians alike to preserve the living jewels unique to this archipelago. The tour will open in October 2001 at the Honolulu Academy of Arts in Honolulu, HI.


• 18 dye transfer prints (20 x 20"),
47 electronic pigment prints
(twenty 24 x 24", twenty-two 34 x 34",
and five (34 x 44") to occupy 225 linear
feet, framed in brushed metal under UV plexi
• 65 labels (fifty-seven 6.5 x 11" and
eight 8.5 x 11") with species notes
• 2 text panels (30 X 20")
• One 34 X 44" title panel
• One flat-screen display with 125
additional digital images
• Publication: Remains of a Rainbow:
Rare Plants and Animals of Hawaii
• Film
• Photographers are available for lecture series
• Rental Fee: $7500