Histories are Mirrors: The path of Conflict Through Afghanistan and Iraq
Photographs by Tyler Hicks Essays by John F. Burns and Ian Fisher

Award-winning images of the conflict-filled path that has come to define our national policy today-from September 11 through Afghanistan and into the streets of Iraq with Tyler Hicks, one of America`s greatest talents in photojournalism. Hicks` images in the publication are accompanied by insightful essays by two-time Pulitzer-prize winning grand reporter John F. Burns, as well as long-time foreign correspondent in the Middle East and present Times Rome bureau cheif, Ian Fisher.

2004-2008 domestic and international tour

Total 100 items to occupy 250 linear feet:
o 36 color prints at 20 x 24"
o 8 color prints at 30 x 40"
o 6 Archival Giclee photographs on canvas at
40 x 60"
o 3 text panels at 20 x 24"
o 50 captions at 4 x 6"

o 6-8 week bookings
o Fee: $5,000 plus prorated one-way shipping and insurance
o Artist is available for panel discussions and lectures
o 15 copies of catalog/publication Histories are Mirrors: The Path of Conflict through Afghanistan and Iraq included with each booking