American Hollow
Photographs by Steve Lehman
Quilts by Iree Bowling
A Film by Rory Kennedy

American Hollow presents an uplifting exploration of the lives, hopes and dreams of a unique and distinctly American family, the Bowling clan, and its seventy-year-old matriarch, Iree. The exhibition examines issues of rural life in Appalachia, a microcosm largely untouched by the rapidly developing world around it. American Hollow addresses a visual history that continues the legacy of Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans, revisiting this storied region to explore what is lost and gained in the struggle to maintain tradition. The exhibition catalog (published by Umbrage Editions and distributed by Bulfinch Press, with an essay by Dr. Robert Coles of Harvard University, and interviews with the subjects of the photographs), is closely tied to the Emmy-nominated 90-minute feature documentary, directed and produced by Rory Kennedy for HBO.

Exhibition Schedule

• 60 gelatin-silver prints matted on 4-ply
  archival board, framed with black ash frames
  20 x 20 each, to occupy
  approximately 200 linear feet
• 3 cotton quilts with applique by Iree
  Bowling, 8 x 7 feet
• 3 text panels 17 x 24
• 60 wall labels 3 1/2 x 7
• Publication: American Hollow
• Film: American Hollow
  (the 16-millimeter 90-minute documentary film)
• tape/CD of 9 songs by Bill Frisell on a loop to play
  in the exhibition
• Photographer and filmmaker are available for
  lectures and panels
• Rental Fee: $4,000


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