Raising The Bar:
New Horizons In Para-Athletics

Raising The Bar: New Horizons In Para-Athletics, produced in collaboration with World T.E.A.M. Sports and the Paralympics, is an intimate, visually rich, elegantly produced portrayal of the international community of disability sports. Individuals with disabilities now compete in a panoply of events—from fencing to shot put to downhill slalom, cycling to equestrian events, swimming and wheelchair tennis to sitting volleyball and sailing. From the first international games in 1952 to today’s newly high-profile Paralympics, and other parathletic events, the athletes who strive for excellence despite physical challenges continue to be true pioneers. They bring new depth and dignity to the human effort to excel against sometimes hostile odds.

While the Paralympics has become the elite showcase of disability sport, filling Olympic stadiums to capacity and eliciting enthusiastic responses worldwide, it is one venue of many. Raising The Bar goes beyond any past compilation of images of gold-medal winners at Paralympic events to depict the daily struggles and victories of athletes with disabilities in daily life, and in training, portraits of athletes at home and at play, and brief interviews with people who have succeeded in pushing their physical capabilities beyond their seeming limitations. The book will also introduce the reader to the larger community of athletes with disabilities who may never compete in the Paralympics, but who nonetheless use sports as a pathway to personal fulfillment and success.

Raising The Bar
features an introduction by an internationally known spokesperson and an essay by writer/advocates Artemis Joukowsky and Larry Rothstein. The texts will examine the new advances in adaptive technology that have catapulted competition into new dimensions—advances that, among other triumphs, allow double-amputees to match or better the world records set by Olympic athletes twenty years ago. New training strategies, new technology, new awareness of what individuals with disabilities are capable of, new organized communities focused on these unique challenges: all these and more are celebrated in this ground-breaking publication.

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