Dressed To Kill: Fashion Makes History
Essays by Nan Richardson

From St. Francis` robe to the WonderBra, some of the most notorious, celebrated, myth-making symbols throughout history are gathered in this thought-provoking gift book.

Flesh and Spirit
Photographs by Claudio Edinger
Essays by Simonetta Persichetti and Nan Richardson
For the past thirty years, Brazilian photographer Claudio Edinger’s roving eye has taken him down many alleyways of life, searching for the spirit in the flesh, or the body of the soul. He has captured the Hasidim in Brooklyn, the inhabitants of the notorious Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan, the insane in asylums in Sao Paolo, and the parading denizens in Brazil`s unequalled carnevale. Edinger captured the life and flesh at Venice Beach, Copacobana Beach, Old Havana, and the twisting streets of Calcutta.

He has been featured in eleven books, eight award-winning titles. This book is the first ever anthology of the prolific photographer`s work, which Peter Howe, former photo editor of Life, described as combining "the keen observation of a brilliant photojournalist with the true insight of an artist."

Good Girls
Photographs by Maya Goded

A young artist in search of answers to the secrets and meanings enclosed within women`s bodies--issues of inequality, transgression, religion, virginity, maternity, age, and desire--sets out alone to find the truth. Her wanderings take her into the heart of downtown Mexico City, the dark alleyways behind the National Palace, in a quarter called La Merced. Life in the tenements (vecindades) and hotels, trade, the close contact with thieves and homeless children, drug-trafficking, apart from the religious devotion manifest in its temples and churches, define the character of this neighborhood that, for more than four centuries, has been a privileged space for prostitution. That was the door which allowed her to see how it was like--the world that authorities and society in general prefer not to mention, or which they classify as an underworld of violence and "lost" women, the bad ones, society`s dark side; that world we all are a part of, whether we want to--whether we care--or not. We see the face of the Magdalen in these fleshy, soulful, life-filled, lusty pictures and in the fascinating interviews that accompany them.

PANDEMIC Spanish Education Kit
Award Winning

Pandemic brings stories of people living with AIDS from around the world into the classroom. The first 2000 Educational Packages are free to schools and community groups, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the MAC AIDS Foundation, and Children Affected by AIDS Foundation. After those are disbursed, Educational Packages will cost $60.00, plus shipping

Incovenient Stories: Portraits and Interviews WIth Vietnam Veterans
Photographs by Jeffrey Wolin
Essays by Rod Slemmons, Director Museum of Contemporary Photography, Preface by Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana
In searing and intimate photographs, both historical and contemporary, presented with voices of pride and honor, grief and pain, dread and anxiety, instability and rage, Wolin remembers a war through the lives of the men and women who lived it. Inconvenient Stories and the traveling exhibition it accompanies are about those veterans and how their lives today are perpetually informed by their past.

Still Life: Documenting Cancer Survivorship
By The Creative Center, Robin Glazer, Karen Furth, and Geraldine Herb
Other creditEssays by Carrie McGee and Francesca Rosenberg, Community and Access Programs, Department of Education at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Margaret Krug, Senior Lecturer, The Whitney Museum of American Art
The Creative Center’s acclaimed Artist-in-Residence Program taught these twenty-five cancer survivors and first-time artists photography as a way to express the struggles of surviving cancer and that life can mean many things depending on the lens through which we perceive it.

Divided Portraits: Identity and Disability
By Hilary Cooper
Introduction by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, founder of Very Special Arts
Divided Portraits presents a truly modern view of disabilities as a diversity issue through lovely portraiture. Creating a new image and identity for disability, the beautiful and inspiring portraits included confound the traditional view of the disabled, showing grace, beauty, strength, and resolve—words not usually associated with disabilities in the persons of thirteen remarkable individuals.

Carny: Americana on the Midway
Photographer, Virginia Lee Hunter
Introduction by Peter Fenton
Carny goes behind the bright lights into the darkly elusive world of the midway, exposing a range of experiences, from intimate carnival families and fair-goers seeking adventures, to loners just trying to hide, yet belong.