RFK Funeral Train
Photographs by Paul Fusco
Essays by Norman Mailer, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, and Evan Thomas
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Robert F. Kennedy’s raw empathy, his determination to make Americans’ lives better, and his insistence that government is answerable to all, black and white, rich and poor, was honored on June 8, 1968, as hundreds of thousands of people stood patiently in the searing heat to watch his funeral train travel slowly from New York to Washington, D.C., just as Abraham Lincoln’s had, 103 years before. Paul Fusco photographed the silent, mourning crowds from the passing train. The result, brought to light over thirty-years later, is a moving snapshot of America at a crucial moment of trauma and transition.

Histories are Mirrors
The Path of Conflict Through Afghanistan and Iraq

Photographs by Tyler Hicks
Essays by John F. Burns and Ian Fisher

Award-winning images of the conflict-filled path that has come to define U.S. national policy today—from September 11th through Afghanistan and into the streets of Iraq with Tyler Hicks, one of America’s greatest talents in photojournalism. Hicks` images are accompanied by insightful essays by two-time Pulitzer-prize winning reporter John F. Burns, as well as long-time foreign correspondent in the Middle East and present Times Rome bureau chief, Ian Fisher.

The Tibetans: A Struggle to Survive
By Steve Lehman
Introduction by Robert Coles, Harvard University
Essay by Robbie Barnett, founder Tibet Information Network

The Tibetans, award-winning photojournalist Steve Lehman’s effort to uncover a hidden Tibet–a Tibet of lumberyards and uranium mines, of brothels and discos, of demolished temples and burned-out police stations. The Tibetans won the National Press Photographers Association Book of the Year Award.

Raising the Bar: New Horizons in Disability Sports
By Artemis A. W. Joukowsky III and Larry Rothstein
Preface by Christopher Reeve

Power, Speed, Agility: these qualities are necessary to any athlete. Perhaps more than any other public sports events, athletes competing with disabilities challenge us to think about these qualities and about athleticism in new and exhilarating ways. Raising the Bar is an intimate, visually rich, elegantly produced portrayal of the international community of disability sports, featuring the words and portraits of athletes and members of the international disability sports community, including Kirk Bauer, Sarah Billmeier, Shea Cowart, Jean Driscoll, Pam Fernandes, Béatrice Hess, Emily Jennings, Fung Ying Ki, Richard Powell, Ann Romney, Marlon Shirley, Chris Waddell, Sara Will, and many others.

Havana: The Revolutionary Moment
Photographs by Burt Glinn
Accompanies a traveling exhibition
Havana, The Revolutionary Moment presents a unique collection of never-before-seen photographs by award-winning Magnum photographer Burt Glinn recording Fidel Castro’s historic entry into Havana in 1959. Interviews and texts by legendary Cuban photographers and others, including Alberto "Korda" Gutierrez, Raul Corrales, Jose Figueroa, Salas, and more, provide an intimate, important perspective of that historical moment.

American Cheerleaders and Football Players

Photographs by Brian Finke
Interview by Kathy Ryan
Essay in Four Parts by Zev Borow

2-4-6-8 is a serio-comic guided tour into the megaphone world of pyramids and liberties, pom-poms and back-bends, tackles and touchdowns. Narrated with affection and respect, it snaps and waves like a flag.

Anthony Fry
Essays by John Berger,Tom Stoppard, Andrew Lambirth, Frances Partridge
Bryan Robertson, and an interview with Cathy Courtney

Anthony Fry is a poet of color. This first book on the noted English painter presents the work of several decades, from travels in Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Spain, India and beyond. The major inspirations of Fry’s work, notably the dreamlike landscapes of the equatorial zones, the nude in all its permutations, and the shuttered spaces of meditative interiors, all show Fry’s dexterity with form and signature mastery of color: incandescent, powerful, full of life.

Children of Ceausescu
Photographs by Kent Klich
Essay by Herta Muller

More than a decade after the overthrow and execution of brutal Romanian dictator Nicholas Ceausescu, the worst AIDS epidemic among children in the world bears out its infamous legacy in Romania. In Children of Ceausescu, Magnum photographer Kent Klich gives us visceral images and brief life stories of the boys and girls who are still suffering. Compassionate yet unflinching, these photographs give us a glimpse of the daily lives of these children, who run and splash in puddles and play with puppies, but also know disease and death intimately and live, and die, facing the realities of their infection.

Photographs by Zalmaï
Essays by Atiq Rahimi and Daniel Girardin

Zalmaï’s photographs capture the slow, distressing drift of exile and dispossession: spectral figures against a stormy sky, a sheared row of peaks framing a figure like a sacred relic, horizons of men, both of this world and of some timeless land. This is a documentation of a journey through ambiguous territories—from Cuba to India, Mali to the Philippines, Indonesia to Egypt, and a return to Zalmaï’s native Afghanistan—a search for place when one’s own land has been destroyed. Paris-based Afghan novelist, Atiq Rahimi, contributes the lyrical preface “The Memory of the Mirror,” and Daniel Girardin, Curator of the Musée d’Elysée, offers us an in-depth exploration of Zalmaï’s work.

FROM THE PAIN COME THE DREAM: Recipients of the Reebok Human Rights Award
Essays by Paul Fireman, Samuel Kofi Woods, and Angel Martinez
Contributions and editing by Deb Bergeron and Paula Brewer Byron

"We can’t promise those suffering from injustice that we can always win the battle, but we can promise them that they won’t be fighting alone." says one of the human right defenders, illustrating the spirit of compassion that characterizes all those profiled in these pages.

Photographs by Chris Steele-Perkins

Dazzling and idiosyncratic photographs of contemporary Japan, celebrating extremes of beauty, the handprint of techno-culture, and the irony of documentary, by the noted British photographer Chris Steele-Perkins.

In the Most Beautiful Life
Photographs by Virginia Joffe
Poems by Carmen Firan

A beautiful and poetic celebration and collaboration in words and photographs of contemporary Romania and its people by noted New York photographer Virginia Joffe and Romanian poet Carmen Firan, memorializing a time when the old world collapses and a new has not yet appeared.

The Last Paradise
Photographs of Contemporary North Korea

By Nicolas Righetti
Introduction by Orville Schell

Essay by Cheong Seong Chang
A tantalizing glimpse into the surreal landscape and psyche of the world’s only communist dynasty, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Secretive, paranoid, and unrepentantly militant, North Korea has incubated its own peculiar mix of communist utopianism and personality cult.

Living Mirrors: A Coral Reef Adventure
A companion book to a MacGillivray Freeman Film For IMAX® Theatres
By Jack Stephens
Contributions by Howard and Michele Hall, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Richard Pyle, Greg MacGillivray, and others.

The world’s last wild places are the undersea realms, and there are none more ethereal than those of the coral reef. The miraculous diversity and beauty of coral reefs attracts a special breed of adventurer, men and women ready to plunge into the deep for the thrill of discovery and the challenge of recording and preserving the delicate ecosystems and the multitude of creatures that inhabit it, now threatened on a worldwide scale.

Photographs by Leonard Nimoy
Essay by Donald Kuspit

Shekhina presents the first-ever monograph of Leonard Nimoy, photographer. This exhaustive and eerily beautiful photographic study of the female form reveals Nimoy’s intrigue with scriptural mythology and ancient spirituality.

Photographs by Sally Gall
Foreward by Mark Strand
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Sally Gall is a noted photographer who has always sought the inexplicable in nature, finding beauty in the terrestrial—a beauty defined and enhanced by it’s opposite: the unsettling, the precipitous, the fearful. In this remarkable series of haunting images of caves taken over a four-year period in Mexico, Belize, Southeast Asia, and Europe, Gall explores the underworld realm enhanced by the history of early human passage, myth and spiritual transcendence.

Poetics of Place
By Lynn Geesaman
Essay by Jamaica Kincaid

The turrets and the topiaries of a formal garden open to a stormy sky, a sheared row of winter trees slices a far-away horizon, while algae swirls mesmerizingly on a willow-encircled pond. The changing interplay of composition, light, and the land infuse the haunting photographs of Lynn Greesaman in this, her first book.

American Hollow
By Rory Kennedy
Photographs by Steve Lehman
Preface by Robert Coles

This moving and emotional book, which profiles the Bowling family’s seven generations in Appalachia, was created as a companion volume to the Emmy Award-nominated 90-minute HBO documentary directed and produced by noted filmmaker Rory Kennedy, and includes striking black-and-white photography by Steve Lehman, interviews by Mark Bailey, and an introduction by Robert Coles. It is accompanied by a traveling exhibition of quilts, photographs and music.

Lillian Bassman
Essay by Martin Harrison

Among the masters of fashion photography, Lillian Bassman reigns today as the doyenne, one of the last great women photographers of the postwar period. This monograph of Bassman’s legendary work--the first ever published--presents the romantic, experimental visions, seen mostly in Harper’s Bazaar, that brought a sophisticated new aesthetic to print photography.

Lillian Bassman is the essence of femininity in her person and in her photography - sensual, prescient with feeling, depicting a moment of mystique and nostalgia. Her forte lies in fitting the product into a romantic ambiance that becomes visual poetry - remembrance of the things past, feelings of the here and now, and a link to the future. Her work is timeless.

Morocco: Sahara to the Sea
Photographs and Text by Mary Cross
Preface by Paul Bowlens
Introduction by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Photographs of ancient peoples who lead a strongly independent way of life, whose customs have resisted incursions by the modern world but are nonetheless threatened. Choosing subjects in which history impinges on the present, where architecture gives expression to the country’s past, and where natural surroundings offer a continuing commentary on the lives of the people within the landscape, Cross has assembled a stunning collection of more than 120 striking images.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Essays by Vicki Goldberg and Nan Richardson

This long-awaited assessment of Louise Dahl-Wolfe will enable modern viewers to understand and appreciate one of the world’s greatest and most influential talents in fashion photography. Her photographs embodied the style of the post-war American woman: spirited, worldly, and above all, free. This is the only available full-color monograph of her work and is accompanied by a traveling exhibition. Includes essays by Vicki Goldberg and Nan Richardson.

Remains of a Rainbow: Rare Plants and Animals of Hawaii
By David Liittschwager & Susan Middleton
A Traveling Exhibition

Remains of a Rainbow glories in flora and fauna found nowhere else on our planet: lush tropical blossoms bursting with color; tiny flowers so rare that scarcely a dozen wild specimens have been found; quick-footed beetles that sparkle like living jewels; fish that can climb 1,000-foot waterfalls;
noble, magnificent birds--more than 140 creatures and plants in all, each captured in an arresting photograph and a concise yet detailed individual description.

Blood and Honey: A Balkan War Journal
By Ron Haviv
Essays by Chuck Sudeticand and David Rieff
Afterword by Bernard Kouchner

Of the thousands of images that emerged from the decade of war in former Yugoslavia, Ron Haviv’s stand out as a uniquely profound record. The award-winning photographs in Blood and Honey: A Balkan War Journal, depicting both the urgency and the tragedy of war, became internationally known in the pages of Time, Newsweek, Paris Match, and Stern. Chuck Sudetic, David Rieff, and Bernard Kouchner contribute essays on the history and legacy of this conflict.

Too Much Time: Women in Prison
By Jane Evelyn Atwood

For ten years, through nine countries around the world, award-winning
photojournalist Jane Evelyn Atwood has asked hard questions of hard women, photographing and tape-recording intimate encounters with prisoners incarcerated for a litany of offenses, from theft and drugs, to murder and infanticide.

A Cry for Help: Stories of Homelessness and Hope
Photographs by Mary Ellen Mark
Introduction by Andrew Cuomo
Preface by Robert Coles

A Cry for Help is a vivid and irrefutable picture of the homeless in America, told in their own words. Portraits by acclaimed photographer Mary Ellen Mark join an urgent introduction by Andrew Cuomo, former Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development, H.U.D and founder of H.E.L.P (Housing Enterprise for the Less Privileged). Noted child psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dr. Robert Coles offers a thoughtful preface about the painful effects of homelessness on a child’s soul. In the tradition of classic works of advocacy like Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, this book speaks to our national moral conscience and offers an optimistic message that both personal and social change is possible.

The Face of the Century
By Kate de Castelbajac

This lavishly illustrated account of women’s style and makeup traces the evolution of the concept of beauty from the turn of the century to today. From the flirty flapper look of the twenties to the retro elegance of the nineties, style has always been a reflection of society and culture. Illustrations include high-style portraiture by Beaton, Horst, Avedon, Newton, and Meisel, immortalizing such icons as Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Pickford, and Josephine Baker.

The White T
By Alice Harris
Introduction by Giorgio Armani

A fabulous tribute to the one piece of clothing worn by people of every age, gender, and shape, The White T captures the zeitgeist of our times. With striking photographs and sophisticated text, The White T traces the colorful history of the classic garment worn by billions all over the world. The significance of the white T goes beyond fashion, to encompass the political, sexual, and social trends of the past decades. Celebrating this universally worn piece of clothing, The White T is a chronicle of cultural history, and, like its quirky and expressive subject, in itself a work of art. Introduction by leading fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

The Water’s Edge
Photographs by Sally Gall
Essay by James Salter

A lone bather drifts placidly in a crystalline pool. A field of sunflowers bows beneath a sky threatening rain. A long, gleaming wave curves across the surface of a dark lake. At water’s edge, the sensuality of immersion, the tactility of water, and the transparency of air combine visually to create an eerie paradise where nature and dreams meet. Superb compositions that capture and enhance the ever-changing play of light, water, and land, these ethereal images by photographer Sally Gall are at once ominous and serene. Essay by noted novelist James Salter (Dusk and other Stories, Light Years, Solo Faces).

Chim: The Photographs of David Seymour
Inge Bondi
Introduction by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Foreword by Cornell Capa

Among the great masters of European photography, Chim, co-founder of Magnum along with his friends Robert Capa and Henry Cartier-Bresson, endures as a legend. In the first and only comprehensive retrospective of Chim’s work, featuring 150 images, many never-before-published, a haunting social portrait and critique of the turbulent events of the twentieth century emerges, from France’s Front Populaire and the Spanish Civil War to the devastating aftermath of World War II and the birth of Israel.

Drag Diaries
Featuring Lady Bunny, Jem Jender, Quentin Crisp,
Joey Arias, Lavinia, Dille, Holly Woodlawn, Lypsinka, and Mathu and Zaldy.

Drag Diaries pulls back the curtain on a campy, vivacious, underground society of high heels and attitude, complete with extravagant cross-dressing, glittering exposure, and fabulous costumes. Evoking a wholesome decadence that resembles Barnum and Bailey more than Sodom and Gomorrah, drag is everywhere today, creating a flash on the international fashion scene and exerting a major influence on designers, models, stylists, and photographers. Complete with Drag History, Drag Shopping Guide, Drag Filmography, Drag Calendar and Drag Reading List.