7.75 x 9.125";
80 pages;
Full color photographs;
HC ISBN: 0-8118-0452-6;
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Wild Love
Photographs by Art Wolfe, Jim Brandenburg,
Jeff Foot, Frans Lanting, and others.
Essays by Nan Richardson

Long before Noah’s ark, courtship inside the animal kingdom was as much a mystery as sex is among humankind, truly one of the mighty, irresistible instincts that dominate all living things. Three hundred millions years ago, when the earth was virtually silent, lush trees rose on hundred feet to form the forest canopy, veiling streams of tropical rain and golden light. Slow-moving rivers teemed with exotic trilobites (creatures resembling horseshoe crabs). Animals began to break their bonds with the sea, and instead of simply dividing in half and cloning, sex came to be, with two creatures fusing as one. Male and female, they developed. Millennia later, we count over a million species, with possibly another million, mostly insects, remaining to be discovered.