9.25 x 9.25";
71 pages;
Duotone images;
HC ISBN: 0-8118-0848-3;
$45 USD signed;
$30 USD unsigned

The Waterís Edge
Photographs by Sally Gall
Essay by James Salter

"Visions that seem neither reality nor dream but a momentary opening between the dimensions. Others have explored photography`s capacity for the surreal but few have been convincing. [They] slip imperceptibly from sharp detail and eerie flatness, a ying-yang vertigo of opposites: earth and sky, motion and stillness, sound and silence. Gallís control of this beauty takes vision to a new level."

-Bonnie Barrett Stretch, Art news, 1993

"She presents a world heartbreakingly beautiful but at the same time completely fabricated - reminding us gently that there is really no such thing as natural beauty. Lushly material, almost sexual, her pictures seduce the spectator just as devotional paintings do; you actually travel the world of the photograph and sink into the rich textures and thrilling sexual atmosphere. Like water and ocean they are a place for secular prayer."

-Justin Springs, Art Forum, 1993