ISBN 1-884167-32-2 $35 September 2003

The Last Paradise
Photographs of Contemporary North Korea
By Nicolas Righetti
Essay by Orville Schell

NICOLAS RIGHETTI was born in Geneva, Switzerland, where he studied at the Institut d`Etude Sociales and the Ecole Superieure d`Audio Visuel, Geneva. Righetti has travelled, photographed, and filmed extensively throughout Asia, working as a still photographer on the set of various feature films in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Paris. His photographs have appeared in numerous publications worlwide.

ORVILLE SCHELL is one of the world’s leading Asia experts. Now Dean of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, his groundbreaking work on China including the 1995 Mandate of Heaven (one of fourteen published works to date), and frequent writing for The New Yorker, Harpers, Newsweek, Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times Magazine. His work as a network correspondent (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN) also underline his stature as a leading journalist on Asia.