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The Innocents
Photographs and Interviews by Taryn Simon
Commentary by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck
In Association with The Innocence Project

"These photographs are mesmerizing character studies reminiscent of Walker Evans in their sheer emotional power."

-- The Washington Times

"The stillness of the images, bordering on aloofness... seems more like Hopper than Leibovitz."

--LA Weekly

"What you do see here are survivors, amazing spirits capable of compassion and sacrifice. In spite of everything, they did not simply endure; they prevailed."

--Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck, from the Introduction

"Photography`s ability to blur truth and fiction is one of its most compelling qualities. But when misused as part of a prosecutor`s arsenal, this ambiguity can have severe, even lethal consequences. Photographs in the criminal justice system... can turn fiction into fact. As I got to know the men and women in this book, I saw that photography`s ambiguity, beautiful in one context, can be devastating in another."

--Taryn Simon, from the Foreword