11.5 x 11.5"; 80 pages; 35 duotone illustrations HC ISBN: 1-884167-27-6; Hardcover with jacket $45.00 USD

Photographs by Sally Gall
Foreward by Mark Strand

Subterranea is gorgeous and evocative. Sally Gallís photographs depict the mysteries and the grandeur of the underworld caves, and the arresting beauty of darkness. In Subterranea, the objective universe is gone, and only the subjective remains. Eternal time is frozen in a fantastic and other worldly architecture of crumbling walls, stalactites and stalagmites coated with icy limestone and calcite formations gloaming in the darkness, bleached white as chalk. With each image, Sally Gall draws us deeper into a city forgotten.

Mark Strand, the distinguished, poet, essayist, novelist, and former Poet Laureate, other contributes a powerful and evocative essay addressing the emotion of grandeur elicited, the power of silence, the arresting beauty of darkness, and the iconic resonance of Gallís photographs and the underworld they depict. Nan Richardson, publisher and writer, explores the mythological resonance that caves evoke throughout time and culture, from Mayan mysteries to the Platonic shadow world.