Hardcover with jacket; ISBN: 1-884167-26-8; 9 x 12” portrait; 144 pages; 135 4-color illustrations; $34.95 USD; March 2003

Living Mirrors: A Coral Reef Adventure
A companion book to a MacGillivray Freeman Film For IMAX® Theatres
By Jack Stephens
Contributions by Howard and Michele Hall, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Richard Pyle, Greg MacGillivray, and others.

Jack Stephens has scripted and consulted on Journey Into Amazing Caves, The Magic of Flight, and Adventures in Wild California, and is currently writing MacGillivray Freeman Films next IMAX® feature, Top Speed. He is responsible not only for Living Mirrors, but for the narration script of Coral Reef Adventure.

Howard and Michele Hall Husband-and-wife team Howard and Michele Hall are award-winning natural history film producers specializing in marine wildlife films. Together, they have received seven Emmys® for films including Jewels of the Caribbean Sea. They produced Seasons in the Sea, which received the prestigious Golden Panda award. They have authored several books, including Secrets of the Ocean Realm. In addition to their roles on-screen for Coral Reef Adventure, Howard also served as Director of Underwater Photography and Michele was the Production Manager.

Jean-Michel Cousteau was the world’s first child scuba diver. He grew up spending summers aboard the ship, Calypso, and took part in his legendary father Jacques Cousteau’s pioneering sea expeditions. Today his organization, Ocean Futures Society, continues that legacy: celebrating the wonder of the sea while advocating for its protection.

Greg MacGillivray has directed 15 documentary films for IMAX® theaters, including Everest and the Academy-Award nominated films, Dolphins and The Living Sea. A surfer and diver as well as filmmaker, MacGillivray is especially committed to making films that promote a greater understanding about the ocean environment. His company, MacGillivray Freeman Films, is based in Laguna Beach, California.