Diamond Matters
Kadir van Lohuizen

Dutch-born Van Lohuizen is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including a 1995 grant from the Anna Cornelis Foundation, 1997 grants from the city council of Amsterdam, Zilveren Camera Award (1997), World Press Photo (1997), Foundation Vluchteling, Dick Scherpenzeel prize (2000), 2001 grant from the Foundation for the Arts, Design, and Architecture: and from the French Ministry for Culture and Communications (2005), Prize for Investigative journalism (2005) and the Visa Díor magazine award (2005).
He is the author of five books, and numerous exhibitions including De Balie, Amsterdam, Israel (1989), Canon Image Centre, Amsterdam (1992), USVA photo gallery, Groningen (1992), Photo gallery Popular, Rotterdam (1992), Museum of Ethnology, Leiden (1993), Photo gallery Kleine Klup (1993),
City Hall, Amsterdam (1994), Oog van Hoorn, Hoorn (1994), City Council archives, Amsterdam (1995), Amsterdam Historical Museum (1997), Photo festival Naarden, (1997), World Press Photo exhibition (1998), Dutch Photo Institute, Rotterdam (1999), 21/2-41/2, Amsterdam (1999), Hamilton`s, London (1996), Visa pour L`image, Perpignan (1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000), India International Centre, New Delhi (2000), Photo festival Naarden (2001), Museum of Ethnology, Leiden (2002), FNAC, Paris (2002), Dutch Photo Institute, (2003), St. Petersburg (2003), Photo festival Skopelos (2003), Institut Neerlandais (2003), Kunsthal, Rotterdam (2003), Technical University, Eindhoven (2005), FOAM, Amsterdam, DR Congo, Sierra Leone and Angola (2005), Visa pour L’image, 2006, Moving Walls/ the Open Society Institute, New York, (2006).