240 pages
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Chernobyl 1986/2006: Confessions of a Reporter
Photographs and text by Igor Kostin

On April 26th, 1986, Reactor #4 at the V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Plant near Chernobyl exploded, releasing 400 times more radioactive matter than the bombing of Hiroshima. Igor Kostin, then a reporter for the Novosti Agency, took the very first photograph of the accident and continued to endure massive radiation overexposure to document the disaster for International Atomic Energy Agency and for then on for the next twenty years to investigate effects upon mankind and the environment. This never-seen-before photographic collection tells the incredible stories of liquidators, soldiers, scientists, and residents throughout Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Sweden, and France that have been socially, politically, and medically impacted by the catastrophe creating a global perspective of the tragedy. With the distance of twenty years this spring, Confessions of a Reporter sparks timely debate over the health and sociological implications of current global energy policies and depicts the long-lasting consequences of one of history`s greatest nuclear disasters.