Lillian Bassman
Essay by Martin Harrison
Bulfinch Press, 1997

The White T

by Alice Harris and Nan Richardson
Harper Collins, 1997

Photographs by Kelly LaDuke ; introduction by Tim McCarver
A little league team's come from behind struggle for victory, with uplifting quotations from baseball greats.
Longstreet, 1996

A Cry for Help
Photographs by award-winning photographer Mary Ellen Mark of homeless children
Simon & Shuster, 1996

I Dreamed I had A Girl in My Pocket
By Wendy Ewald
Stories and photographs by Wendy Ewald and the children of Vichya, India
Norton, 1996

Natural Wonders of the Pacific
By Nan Richardson & Catherine Chermayeff
Kodansha, 1995
Postcard book of twenty four photographs of animal and marine life of the Pacific.

Photographs by Mary Cross
Abbeville, 1995
Stunning color photography by renowned photographer Mary Cross with an introduction text by Paul Bowles and a text by Tahar Ben Jelloun.

CHIM: The Life and Times of David Seymour
Bulfinch, 1996
The first retrospective of photographer David "Chim" Seymour. Coeditions in France, England, Italy. Accompanying traveling exhibition of the photographs

The Water's Edge
Photographs by Sally Gall, Text by James Salter
Chronicle Books, 1995
Monograph of landscape photographer Sally Gall, with a  text by writer James Salter

The Face: A Cultural History of Makeup in the Twentieth Century
By Kate de Castlebajac
Rizzoli, 1995
A history of makeup in this century, with stunning visuals as well as an interesting and provocative text.

Drag Diaries
By Jonathan David, Nan Richardson & Catherine Chermayeff
Chronicle Books, 1995
A fun-filled source book, of the world of drag queens, including interviews with ten prominent queens, a time line of drag through history, filmography, reading list, shopping guide and events calendars.

Feathery Facts & Scaley Facts
By Nan Richardson & Catherine Chermayeff
Illustrations by Ivan Chermayeff
Harcourt Brace, 1995
Two more titles in Umbra's children's series, with simple text and vibrant illustrations of the fauna and reptile worlds.

Wild Babies
By Nan Richardson & Catherine Chermayeff
Chronicle Books, 1994
An intimate look at the beginnings of life for a variety of species, with exquisite color photographs.

Wild Love
By Nan Richardson & Catherine Chermayeff
Chronicle Books, 1994
A journey of the affectionate and ferocious mating rituals of animals, with color photography.

Fishy Facts & Furry Facts
By Nan Richardson &  Catherine Chermayeff
Illustrations by Ivan Chermayeff
Harcourt Brace, 1994
Simple text and vibrant illustrations introduce the young reader in these two titles to a whimsical and educational tour of the sea and animal world.

Underwater Worlds

By Catherine Chermayeff & Nan Richardson
Kodansha, 1994
A postcard book of 24 exquisite photographs of marine life of the Pacific.

Sequence: New York/New Jersey 1990-1993

The Howard Greenberg Gallery / D.A.P., 1993
A monograph of the photographs of American sculptor George Segal.

Ring of Fire: Fish of the Pacific
Kodansha, 1992
A book of the largest aquarium in the world in Osaka, Japan.

Medicine's Great Journey
Bulfinch, Little Brown, In association with Callaway Editions, 1992.
A photograph history of medicine with a text by Pulitzer prize winner Richard Flaste with an introduction by Dr. Robert Coles.

Malcolm X Speaks Out
Andrews and McMeel, 1992
A photographic history of Malcolm X with excerpts from his writings and speeches. Includes a 45 minute audio CD. (Produced in association with Callaway Editions).

Magic Eyes: Scenes from an Andean Childhood
By Wendy Ewald
Bay Press, 1992
Stories from Alicia & Maria Vasquez with photographs by Wendy Ewald and the children of Raquria, Columbia

The First Picture Book
Whitney Museum, 1992 (Limited Edition)
Fotofolio, 1992 (Trade Edition)
A re-edition of Edward Steichen's 1930 children's classic.

Ellis Island: An Illustrated History of The Immigrant  Experience

By Mary Shapiro and Fred Wasserman
Macmillan, 1991

The Billings Collection
John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, 1991
A private collection of antidotes and photographs of LeMoyne Billings, assembled by the Kennedy family, edited by Nan Richardson